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Transparency. Simplicity. Experience.

How we are different

SOLIDX do things a little differently. We bring a fresh approach to help guide you through both the SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE product range. We put your needs front and centre.  Our advice is totally focussed on recommending the best solution for you, your business and your budget.

With over 75 years of experience in helping customers make the right SOLIDWORKS choices for their businesses, we are well positioned to help you.

We will:

  • Be totally transparent. Our prices are front and centre to help you decide the right product and to make informed decisions
  • Keep it simple. No jargon. Just great information that we feel will help you. No bloated website or confusing messaging
  • Use our experience to help us understand your business challenges, so we can be responsive and flexible to your needs and recommend the best solution

Our core philosophy is simplicity. Our website is a reflection of working with us – we are here to help you make decisions quickly and easily with expert advice.

We understand that the 3D Design software marketplace is now relatively mature. We also understand that most of our customers have a good idea of what they want when they get to us – we’re just here to help guide you through your buying journey and to make sure that all bases are covered.

The SOLIDWORKS Landscape is changing

The SOLIDWORKS portfolio continues to grow to meet the demands of our users. With the largest user Community in the world, it’s no easy task to keep existing users happy and continue to be the progressive leader in the marketplace today.

SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDX embrace this challenge. R&D and innovation are key areas in which SOLIDWORKS have always excelled, and we continue to offer best-in-class products for both Desktop and integrated Cloud solutions.

The expanding portfolio, the option of buying SOLIDWORKS as SAAS (software as a service), and the industry wide move to more Cloud-based technologies, all mean that there are a few moving parts to take into account and some obvious questions that they raise:

  • How you choose to license the software, perpetual or rental (SAAS)?
  • Where you manage your design data? On premise on your company server or in the Cloud?
  • How do you implement these solutions into your business?
  • What are the pros and cons of these choices?

These decisions will naturally have an impact on your business and it’s important to get the right guidance and advice.

Introducing our founders

Guy Morris

Co-founder and Director

Guy Morris has a degree in Automotive Engineering and over 15 years of experience in the SOLIDWORKS domain. With a customer-focused approach, he has guided hundreds of clients in optimizing their use of SOLIDWORKS to address crucial business challenges. Guy’s passion lies in finding innovative solutions that deliver real results for our customers.

Outside of work, when he’s not chasing after his two young sons, you can find him playing basketball, juggling unfinished DIY projects, and occasionally attempting a round of golf (with varying degrees of success!).

Matt Parfitt

Co-founder and Director

Matt’s journey began just over 20 years ago at SOLIDWORKS R&D in Cambridge, where he gained valuable insights into the potential of this exciting technology.

Matt then transitioned into the Reseller channel where he went on to lead a Sales team. His passion for helping businesses harness the power of SOLIDWORKS has impacted over 300 companies.

Outside of work, you’ll find him running a taxi service for his son, driving him to his various sports games, watching Formula 1 whenever possible and occasionally making his way around a golf course.

Mark Bradford

Co-founder and Director

Mark is no stranger to the world of SOLIDWORKS and design, having formed Innova Systems UK in 2002 and sold to Visiativ in 2018.

An Apprentice trained Design Engineer, Mark really enjoys building great relationships with customers and helping them to get a real return on their SOLIDWORKS investments. He is experienced in building teams with a unique culture, one that goes the extra mile to help our customers win in competitve marketplaces.

Outside of business, a keen golfer with a handicap of 7, was a decent Footballer in his day and a lifelong Cambridge United supporter.

Ed Hawkins

Co-founder and Director

Ed is a graduate of Product Design and has been using SOLIDWORKS for the past 16 years at a high level. An Elite Application Engineer since 2012, he has been the ‘go to’ guy for many companies large and small for SOLIDWORKS support and guidance.

Prior to co-founding SOLIDX, Ed ran a team of 12 pre and post sales Application Engineers for another UK SOLIDWORKS provider and had a heavy focus on delivering exceptional levels of customer service.

Outside of work, Ed enjoys time with his family, taking things apart and sometimes, putting them back together!

Value and Service

Value and Service are the cornerstones of what we offer at SOLIDX.

Our pricing is transparent and accessible – not hidden behind forms and contact us now buttons.

The quality of our service is second to none. When you speak to SOLIDX, every member of our team is very experienced and understands what you need from the get-go. No phone systems, no press this number for this, this number for that, just straight through to people who can help.

It's in our DNA

Our core focus is delivering exceptional customer service and placing our customers at the forefront of what we do. It sounds bold and it sounds simple, but, with almost 8 decades of experience of doing just this, it’s what we have proven to deliver.

We understand the pressures you face in a fiercely competitive market everyday and we know you need a fast and knowedgable response. That’s exactly what we provide.

It's about you

You might be interested in us – but really it’s about how we can help you. We know you will be thinking about who you choose to work with.

Ultimately, it’s about the people you can rely on and trust.

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