The SOLIDWORKS you know and love, with added functionality from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Cloud Connected SOLIDWORKS

Are you struggling to find the distinction between SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS? ​Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Below you will find key information on the enhancements 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS boasts:

  • Additional browser based CAD authoring tools
  • Visualize Professional
  • Online licensing administration
  • No more hassle of manual serial number transfers

​Some limitations of 3D EXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS you’ll need to consider:

  • Absence of an open API for third-party software integration
  • Limited plug-in support
  • Version Compatibility

SOLIDWORKS with online Licensing

Packs the same punch as desktop SOLIDWORKS but with the added flexibility of online licensing. No more needing to activate & deactivate licenses between machines, making flexible working easier than ever before.


3D Creator

100% browser-based 3D CAD modelling. Powerful CAD authoring & editing capabilities on any device connected to the internet. An ideal complimentary tool for any on-the-go requirements when you’re away from your SOLIDWORKS license.


3D Sculptor

3D Sculptor is a game changing surfacing tool that runs entirely in your browser. True free-form subdivisional modelling to create complex and ergonomic shapes in a fraction of the time when compared with traditional methods.



With the same interface as SOLIDWORKS, perform Linear Static Analysis on parts or assemblies, as well as Motion Analysis. Test for stresses, deflections, factor of safety, as well as predicting required motor forces, resistance to gravity and tipping forces.


Visualize Professional Connected

A step above Visualize Standard included with desktop SOLIDWORKS, Visualize Professional connected allows you to produce exceptional images, animations, panoramic & VR output, as well as adding realism to your scenes with its powerful physics engine.


Cloud Data Management

Every 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS license comes with cloud data management built in. Forget costly server set-ups and security issues. Store, share, revise and control your SOLIDWORKS and wider company data in the 3DEXERIENCE Cloud Platform and focus your time where it matters, design.



The future of your business is collaborative. 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS is an intuitive and robust set of 3D design capabilities combined with data management, conceptual design with subdivision modeling.

Now you can connect the right people with real-time information and the right tools, on one unified platform, and make better decisions, faster.

Feature Comparison Guide


3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKSStandardProfessionalPremium
Online Licensing
3D Creator
Cloud Data Management
Part Modelling
Assembly Modelling
2D Drawings
Welded Frameworks
Sheet Metal
Surface Modelling
Plastic Part Design
Mold Tools
Product Families
Interference Check
Direct Editing Tools
2D to 3D Conversion
Design Evalutation Tools
Costing – Parts
Design Checker
Visualize Professional Connected
Scan to 3D
3D Sculptor
Simulation Motion
Routing – Electrical
Routing  – Piping
Routing – Tubing
Advanced Surface Flatten
Costing – Assemblies


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