Enhanced Cloud Simulation with SIMULIA

Access to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform has opened the door for SOLIDWORKS customers to explore a new world of possibilities with its advanced simulation suite, SIMULIA

A Portfolio of new Cloud products to take your Simulation to the next level

Based on the industry leading Abaqus engine, SIMULIA offers a gateway to unparalleled simulation capabilities, empowering engineers to venture into uncharted territories of design exploration and validation. With SIMULIA’s advanced suite of simulation tools, you’ll transcend the limitations of traditional approaches, delving into intricate scenarios that were previously considered beyond reach. Elevate your designs to new heights, predict performance outcomes with precision, and accelerate innovation with confidence.

SIMULIA gives you the choice to solve locally on your CPU or offload to the cloud for faster results, all while sharing result results directly with other colleagues on the cloud platform, in real-time.

Structural Engineer

Unlock the power of advanced simulation with the Structural Engineer package. Harnessing the power of Abaqus’ implicit static analysis, this package equips you to perform sophisticated linear static analyses, encompassing areas such as:

  • Static loads
  • Thermal loading (steady state)
  • Frequency response
  • Buckling
  • Harmonic studies.
  • Solve locally, or solve on the cloud

Dive into a world of comprehensive insights, gaining an edge in understanding structural behaviors under various conditions.

Structural Performance Engineer

Building upon the foundation of Structural Engineer, elevate your capabilities with the Structural Performance Engineer package. Here, the power of Abaqus’ implicit dynamic analysis comes into play, introducing:

  • Non-linear static FEA
  • Thermal (transient) studies
  • Visco/Creep Studies
  • Set up automation tools
  • Enhanced Materials Library
  • Solve locally, or solve on the cloud

Unleash your potential to predict dynamic responses with accuracy and revolutionise your approach to design validation.

Structural Mechanics Engineer

Expanding upon the offerings of Structural Performance Engineer, this package introduces Abaqus’ explicit dynamic analysis, offering:

  • Explicit Dynamic Analysis like drop tests & impacts
  • Advanced Non-linear studies including post buckling, random vibration and complex frequencies
  • Geometry preparation tools that streamline your workflow
  • Ability to calibrate custom materials using real test data
  • Solve locally, or solve on the cloud

Step confidently into the world of intricate simulations and push the boundaries of possibility even further.

SIMULIA Feature Comparison Guide


SIMULIAStructural EngineerStructural Performance EngineerStructural Mechanics Engineer
Linear Analysis
Advanced Linear Analysis
Sequential Multi-Step Simulations
Comprehensive Meshing Capabilities
Rule-Based Meshing
Basic Post Processing Tools
Advanced Post Processing Tools
Material Rendering
High-Performance Visualisation
Local and Cloud Computing
High Performance Computing (HPC)
Full Design Associativity
User Assistant
Abaqus Implicit Static Analysis
Abaqus Implicit Dynamic Analysis
Nonlinear Materials
Abaqus General Contact
Nonlinear Analysis
Physics Method Reuse
Abacus Explicit Dynamic Analysis
Material Calibration
Geometry Preparation & Simplification
Advanced Nonlinear Analysis



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