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Since 1995, SOLIDWORKS has been the industry’s favourite 3D CAD Modelling software, growing to a user base of over 6.5 Million throughout commercial companies and higher education.

So, naturally, there is a wealth of information available to help you on your SOLIDWORKS journey.

Two of the best resources to access this information are the  SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base and My.SOLIDWORKS

Watch our quick overview video to see how to use them both.

The Knowledge Base offers in-depth data regarding warnings, errors, and the operational aspects of various software features. The Knowledge Base is a great resource for solutions and troubleshooting methods for specific issues encountered within SOLIDWORKS. Results can be filtered by product, feature, release and knowledge type, to get you to the right answer quickly.

If you need how-to information or help with specific features, then My.SOLIDWORKS is ideal. My.SOLIDWORKS is an online hub that connects SOLIDWORKS users with live forums, comprehensive tutorials, downloadable models, self-paced training programs, and much more. As a subscription customer, you gain a higher level of access to My.SOLIDWORKS, unlocking hundreds of hours of additional self-paced training content.

The most commonly asked support questions

Transfer a SOLIDWORKS license

If you need to install your SOLIDWORKS license onto a new machine, you’ll first need to deactivate it from your current machine.

This is quick and easy to do, as long as you have an internet connection.

Read our guide below

License activation exceeded

If you’re seeing the warning “Activation Transaction Failed: Activation Count Exceeded,” it means the serial number you’re trying to activate, is already active on another machine.

It will first need to be located and “deactivated,” in order to allow activation on the new machine.

If you don’t know which machine to deactivate from & are a SOLIDX Customer, get in touch and we can identify it

Upgrade or Modify a License

If you’ve upgraded from a lower version of SOLIDWORKS, to a higher version (Standard to Professional for example,) you will need to modify your installation to download the new features and apply them to your license.

This same process is also used to add additional products, like Simulation or Composer to your install

Read the guide below

Graphical issues

In most situations, graphical performance & display  issues are caused by not using a dedicated CAD graphics card or not having the right driver for your graphics card.

As SOLIDWORKS develop their software, and hardware companies develop their machines, new graphics cards and drivers are released.

You can check for the correct drivers on the SOLIDWORKS hardware page


Create 3D Experience ID

In 2023 the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal was replaced by the 3DEXPERIENCE Customer Portal.

The new portal hold all the information about your organisations SOLIDWORKS assets and their subscription status.

To access the portal, you will need to create a 3DEXPERIENCE ID.


Add Users to DSX

If you’re the company’s SOLIDWORKS Administrator, you’ll need to add new users to the DSX Client care Centre, in order for them to be able to access the subscription benefits your company has access to, through their individual 3DEXPERIENCE User ID.

Read our blog below, to learn how to do this.


Borrow a Network License

If your company uses the SOLIDWORKS Network License (SNL) system, there is a facility to borrow a license from the Network for up to 30 days at a time.

Perfect solution if you’re working overseas or anywhere that will limit your access to the company network.

Add a new license to SNL

If your company has purchased additional licenses to increase your SNL capacity, they won’t show up automatically.

To make them visible in the SNL tool and therefore accessible by the client machines, you will need to re-activate your SNL tool on the server.

Activate Xpress Products

All SOLIDWORKS CAD Licenses come with some simplified Structural (FEA) & Flow Simulation (CFD) functionality.

These are cut down versions of the more powerful dedicated add ins and referred to as the “Xpress” tools.

In order to use them, you first must activate them on your license.