Costs to Update an Expired SOLIDWORKS License

Calcluator to help you understand the investment required for renewing old licenses

Realise the powerful benefits of Annual Subscription by renewing older licenses

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If your Subscription service has lapsed, this calculator gives you the chance to find out the cost to bring it back up-to-date.

Firstly, select the License type you wish to reconnect.

Then simply slide the bar for the amount of time your license has been off subscription – the maximum you will be charged for is three years.

Next, decide how many years going forward you wish to purchase.

The price will then be calculated for you.  You’re now in a position make an informed decision on the best way forward.

We understand that for many businesses the underlying reason for running out of date software is the cost of Subscription

How your business may be missing out

If you are running expired licenses there are many things your business will be missing out on - these represent hidden costs in the form of reduced productivity and lack of compatability

New Features

Every release, 200+ Cutting edge new features to make you even more productive


Compatibility with latest hardware and operating systems

Working smoothly

Ensuring your Version is compatible with suppliers and customers

Technical Support

Technical Support from the experienced experts

Subscription only

Increased functionality only available to customers on Subscription

Cloud Services

Cloud Services Introduced in 2023 - Take advantage of this exciting game changer

Features & Performance Improvements

Every year, SOLIDWORKS introduce around 200 enhancements to the software to help improve efficiency for our customers. There are far too many to mention over the last few years, so here are just a few of our favourites at SOLIDX:

  • Graphical performance
  • Search by command
  • Magnetic mates
  • Working with mesh files
  • Drawing detailing mode
  • Full Flush Mitre
  • Structure creator

Every customer is unique, so for a better understanding of how your company will benefit from the latest release of SOLIDWORKS, we recommend you get in touch with our team.

Hardware Compatibility & Stability

Each year, SOLIDWORKS fine tunes and optimises the software to take advantage of the latest developments in hardware and operating systems.

Best case, as an unsupported user, you’re missing out on these performance improvements.

Worst case, you will find yourself no longer able to upgrade your systems, as your SOLIDWORKS version becomes incompatible with other platforms, leaving you stuck the past and potentially vulnerable to external threats.

There really is no substitute to running the latest SOLIDWORKS on the latest hardware. For advice on hardware click HERE

Collaboration – With SOLIDWORKS being the most widely used professional 3D CAD system on the planet, it’s highly likely that your customers or suppliers will be using it.

Running on older versions inevitably leads to compatibility issues with your supply chain who remain up to date.

What happens, when you can no longer share files with them, in their native format?  You typically end up using intermediary file formats like STEP and IGES and losing the ability to work on the files together in sync.

Subscription only Benefits

As an unsupported customer, you are missing out on some fantastic resources and added capabilities that are only available to customers on active maintenance, such as:

Visualize Standard

A simple and very powerful rendering tool made available in 2017 to any license of SOLIDWORKS Professional & Premium on active maintenance – Product Information

CAM Standard

An intuitive and powerful 2.5D Milling software available to all SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD licenses on active maintenance

My.SOLIDWORKS Standard account

Customers on active maintenance can upgrade their My.SOLIDWORKS log in to include hundreds of additional tutorial videos and customised learning paths.  A great resource to help on board new team members or just keep your skills sharp.


Prove your staff are up to muster by enrolling them on 2 certified SOLIDWORKS exams each year, for each supported license.

Support from SOLIDX

Reinstating your maintenance with SOLIDX will allow you to tap into our decades of experience in supporting customers get the most from their software.  Either submit a support ticket with us or pick up the phone for an urgent enquiry.

We will get you the right answers quickly, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Cloud Services

Are you tired of dealing with the hassle of managing your CAD data on an on-premise server?

SOLIDWORKS has now introduced an exciting game-changer – “Cloud Services” as part of the maintenance package!

Now, any reinstated license of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD can enjoy the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, securely storing, sharing, and controlling revisions of CAD data in the cloud.  Access your designs from anywhere, on any device connected to the internet, without compromising on security.  Say goodbye to IT and security headaches, and say hello to streamlined, efficient collaboration. Don’t miss out on this game-changing feature that wasn’t available until now.

Renew your lapsed SOLIDWORKS maintenance and embrace the future of cloud-based CAD management!

Frequently asked questions about updating your old SOLIDWORKS license

Question – I purchased my SOLIDWORKS license from another supplier. Can I work with SOLIDX?

Answer – Yes. Your perpetual license is registered to your company.  You can select any UK supplier to take on the maintenance for your software.

Question – Do I have to reinstate all my licenses?

Answer – No. Just reinstate as many as you need. You can always reinstate extra licenses at a later stage.

Question – I’m not sure of I’ve got the right level of package for my needs. What can I do?

Answer – You can alter your SOLIDWORKS packages when reinstating. The team at SOLIDX will give you guidance on all the options.

Question – I work with other companies on different releases of the software. Can I still reinstate and work effectively with them

Answer – Yes. When you reinstate a license, you have the ability to install at the latest version, as well as any earlier version. So you control which version you use, to maintain full interoperability with your suppliers and customers.

Question  – Will my current hardware support the latest release of SOLIDWORKS

Answer – For this, we recommend you visit the SOLIDWORKS Hardware guide HERE, or call the team @ SOLIDX and we will quickly assess your hardware suitability and advise of changes if needed.

Question – Am I locked into ongoing Subscription from the point I reinstate?

Answer – No.  There is no change to the fact you have a perpetual license. At the end of the defined subscription period, you can choose to let the license lapse and carry on using. However, you will lose all the benefits of being a supported SOLIDX customer, outlined above.

Question – Can I add additional licenses?

Answer – Yes. If you add additional licenses at the same time as you trade in your old ones, you will receive the same discount structure. If you add additional licenses at a later date, they will be purchased at the regular price.

Question – I’m interested in moving to a rental model for my SOLIDWORKS licenses, can you provide this?

Answer – Yes, all SOLIDWORKS software is available as rental licenses. To see rental pricing, visit our Pricing Page, and search for the licenses you need. There are also some great value Trade In offers, available to expired customers, offering fantastic savings on Rental Licenses. View our Trade In Offers page for more details.

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