Adding a new License(s) to your SOLIDWORKS SNL

In 2023, SOLIDWORKS changed the process of adding an extra license(s) to your existing SOLIDWORKS Network Licence set-up.

If your company has purchased an additional license(s) for its Network set-up, you will first need to add them to your Network Manager and refresh the service before they become accessible on your client machines.

Step 1

You must be logged into the License Server and then open the SolidNetWork License Manager Server application.

On the Server Administration tab, click the Modify button.

Adding licences(s) to Network SNL's - SOLIDX

Step 2

You will now see the Activation Wizard and need to select Activate/Reactivate your product license(s). Then click Next.

Adding licence(s) to your SOLIDWORKS SNL

Then click Next again on the following page.

Adding licence(s) to your SOLIDWORKS SNL

Step 3

Click the Add button, then you will be able to enter serial numbers into the window. Multiple new serial numbers can be added, if you have them.

Once your serials and email contact info are copied in, just hit Next and you’re all done.

Adding licence(s) to your SOLIDWORKS SNL

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