Buying SOLIDWORKS – made easy

Buying SOLIDWORKS has long been a complicated process. You go onto a Reseller website, trawl around a bit at the products and then find you only have the option of having to request a quote.

You then get contacted by a sales person who ‘qualifies what you need’ and what budget you have. In this day and age, we believe it shouldn’t be that complicated. We know your focus is on designing great products – so we make things simple with a website that contains as much information supplied upfront as possible.

We tell you the Dassault Systems Recommended Price (RRP) – it’s front and central on every product we sell.

It’s among many things that make us different – we are totally transparent and we believe in offfering as much information upfront as possible before you needing to speak to us.

In addition to our transparency, once you do speak to us you’ll find us to be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and we will work with you to guide you on any questions you might have.

We will give you all options available and hep you to make the best decision for you and your business.

To get our message out into the marketplace, we’ve created and published a number of adverts in the well respected and read Develop 3D magazine –

Advert 3 – February/March 24

Keeping things simple for you – getting access to important product and pricing information quickly and easily