19 June 2024

Installing SOLIDWORKS on your Desktop

If you’ve recently purchase a SOLIDWORKS license or are installing your existing license onto a new machine, you’ll need to download the installation files and activate the license with your serial number. The first step is to download the installation manager for the version you require. For customers on an active subscription, you can access the last 3 releases from the SOLIDWORKS Download Page

28 November 2023

Adding Users to a company’s 3DEXPERIENCE Account

From 2023, all information and applications that were previously controlled through the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal, have now switch to the 3DEXPERIENCE Customer Portal. In order for a SOLIDWORKS user to access the subscription benefits of their company, they will need to be added as a user by the company’s SOLIDWORKS Administrator.

21 November 2023

How to Borrow a Network License

Network licenses offer fantastic flexibility for companies needing to share licenses between multiple users and machines, managing the distribution of licenses from your company server. But what if you’re working away from the server? How can you still use SOLIDWORKS? The ability to “Borrow” a license from the server for up-to 30 days is your solution.

14 November 2023

How to activate SOLIDWORKS Xpress Products

All SOLIDWORKS CAD licenses come with some fantastic lightweight Simulation tools called SimulationXpress and FloXpress. These are cut down version of the bigger packages. While included with every desktop CAD License, they need to be activated before they’ll be accessible.

7 November 2023

How to Transfer a SOLIDWORKS License 

Many of our customers want to move licences between machines.  This can be done by following our brief guide below. If you wish to transfer a SOLIDWORKS license from one machine to another, there is a quick and easy process to do this as long as you’re connected to the internet. 

31 October 2023

How to create your 3DEXPERIENCE ID

From 2023, all information and applications that were previously controlled through the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal, have now been switched to the 3DEXPERIENCE Customer Portal. Each user will need to create a 3DEXPERIENCE ID to access the subscription benefits tied to their company. These benefits include access to the download centre where you can get of the latest releases and service packs, access to over 30 hours of online training, access to the Knowledge Base, the SOLIDWORKS forums, and access to your 2 free certification exams included within your subscription benefits.

11 October 2023

Adding a new License(s) to your SOLIDWORKS SNL

In 2023, SOLIDWORKS changed the process of adding an extra license(s) to your existing SOLIDWORKS Network Licence set up. If your company has purchased an additional license(s) for its Network set up, you will first need to add them to your Network Manager and refresh the service before they become accessible on your client machines.

29 September 2023

How to Upgrade or Modify a SOLIDWORKS License

Once you’ve purchased an upgrade to your existing SOLIDWORKS license to gain higher functionality, these are the steps you’ll need to take before you can access the new features in your sessions.