How to Borrow a Network License

Network licenses offer fantastic flexibility for companies needing to share licenses between multiple users and machines, managing the distribution of licenses from your company server.

But what if you’re working away from the server? How can you still use SOLIDWORKS?

The ability to “Borrow” a license from the server for up-to 30 days is your solution.

Step 1

From your machine, search for the SolidNetWork License Manager tool in the Windows search bar.

Step 2

Open the tool and select the License Borrowing tab.

Select the SOLIDWORKS License you wish to borrow. By selecting Professional or Premium, it will also show a Standard license being checked out as well but don’t worry, this is expected behaviour and will not check out 2 licenses.

Then select the date that you wish to borrow the license to. The maximum allowance is 30 days.

Click Borrow.

Make sure you see the license you need in the Borrowed Product licenses field and click OK.

When you disconnect from the Network, the license will still be accessible on your machine, until the selected date.

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