How to Transfer a SOLIDWORKS License 

How do I transfer a SOLIDWORKS licence is a question we’re asked regularly. This can be done by following our brief step-by-step guide below.

How to Transfer a SOLIDWORKS Licence

Step 1 

Deactivation Process 

Open SOLIDWORKS and navigate to Help>Deactivate Licenses.

Step 2 

Select the licenses you wish to deactivate from the pop-up Activation Manager. 

Choose “Automatically over the Internet” and hit Next.

You should now see a window confirming that your license has successfully been deactivated. When you click Finish, your session of SOLIDWORKS will close. 

Step 3

Activation Process 

Now you are ready to activate the license as the other machine, providing it has been installed with the same serial number. 

If the same machine already has SOLIDWORKS installed with the correct serial number, it’s as simple as opening a SOLIDWORKS session and following the automatic prompt to Activate Now. 

If you’re installing SOLIDWORKS for the first time on the new machine, you’ll just need to follow the usual installation process, using the serial number to activate, when ready. 

The Deactivate/Activate Process is a great way to share a license between your home and work PC quickly. 

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