SOLIDWORKS Consultancy Services

SOLIDWORKS Consultancy Services

Sometimes, you need someone to lean on for SOLIDWORKS advice that goes beyond that of normal tech support. You know what you want to do but you’re not sure how to do it. You might need a bespoke training course, some help with a simulation project or assistance with PDM Workflow changes. We offer consultancy days for just such requirements.

Customised Training Courses

Want a training course run specifically for your organisation?

Want something a little outside the scope of our standard training courses more tailored to your specific work?

Want help to train your staff to model in a certain way and to certain standards?

We can help.

Simulation consultancy

With the use of Simulation, you can reduce the amount of both prototyping and effort spent testing, ultimately compressing your time to market.

Working with your designs and designers, our experts will help you simulate and analyse your designs, identifying potential issues in your product and give guidance on what to change.

We can also work alongside you during the solve so you can learn from us whilst getting the work done. We’ll run you through the set-up, the assumptions made, mesh techniques, and geometry simplification. Then we’ll run you through the results and reports in detail.

Data Management customisation

Efficient data management is crucial for successful engineering projects. We offer SOLIDWORKS PDM (Product Data Management) consultancy to help you build effective workflows that allow you to organise, access, and collaborate on your design data securely.

SOLIDWORKS Implementation services

We’ll help you set up SOLIDWORKS, get the correct drivers installed, make sure that you’re running on the latest service packs, and ensure that the software is configured perfectly for your hardware (and vice versa).

Why Choose SOLIDX Ltd?

Experience and expertise. Our team are certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals with decades of understanding of the software and its applications.

Tailored Solutions. We work with you to make sure we’ll only cover what’s needed.

Proven Track Record. Many businesses across the UK have benefited from our consultancy services.

Ongoing Support. We’re on-hand to make sure you don’t get stuck.


Our consultancy services are £1,000 + VAT per day for the first 3 attendees.

Each additional attendee is charged at £200 + VAT per day.

Maximum class size is 6.

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