SolidCAM is the industry leading, Gold Partner Certified CAM solution for SOLIDWORKS.

Proven to deliver in the most demanding of needs - easy to use, easy to learn and easy to get up and productive

A cost effective solution for your manufacturing needs


SolidCAM is a Gold certified SOLIDWORKS add in, offering best in class CAM functionality directly inside your SOLIDWORKS interface.

With a parametric and bi-directional link to your SOLIDWORKS design, any update made to the CAD model, will automatically be picked up and applied to your CNC program, saving hours of rework.

  • Full Associativity: Design changes initiate automatic tool path updates.
  • Eliminates import/export challenges: Saving time and frustration.
  • Extremely short learning curve because you’re already familiar with SolidCAM’s interface since it runs inside SOLIDWORKS.
  • SolidCAM works in the CAD assembly mode to graphically show Fixtures, Tooling & Vices in simulations

Our partners, SolidCAM UK, offer a dedicated, support, training & implementation service throughout the UK & Ireland and even have their own fully kitted machine shop, where they run tests and demonstrations. They put their money where their mouth is!

SolidCAM Milling

SolidCAM’s milling packages offer a comprehensive solution to drastically improve your CNC machining operations. From increased efficiency and precision to reduced programming time and cost savings

  • 2.5D Milling
  • ARFM (Automatic Feature Recognition)
  • High speed surfacing
  • 3D high speed machining
  • Indexial 4/5-Axis milling
  • Simultaneous 5 Axis Milling
  • 3D Machine Simulation

SolidCAM enables companies to produce high-quality parts while maintaining a competitive edge in the manufacturing industry.

SolidCAM Turning

SolidCAM Turning is a robust turning solution that encompasses a wide array of toolpaths and methodologies and excels in delivering advanced rough and finishing profile turning capabilities, complemented by its support for facing, grooving, threading, and drilling cycles.

  • Balanced Roughing
  • Angled Grooving
  • Manual Turning
  • Trochoidal toolpath
  • Ceratizit High Dynamic Turning (HDT) & FreeTurn
  • 4th Axis Simultaneous Turning
  • Drive Unit Sharing
  • 3D Machine Simulation

SolidCAM Turning is compatiblle with an extensive spectrum of machine tools, encompassing 2-Axis lathes as well as multi-turret setups, with or without sub-spindles.”

SolidCAM Advanced Mill Turn

SolidCAM has the capability to accommodate a wide range of standard CNC machine tools and Mill-Turn centers, without restrictions on the number of axes or channels.

  • Limitless tool manager
  • Machine Control Operation (MCO)
  • Machine Simulation
  • Collision Detection
  • Part Transfer – Simulate Cut-Off Process
  • Channel Synchronization Clash Avoidance
  • Superimposition
  • Rotary Axes & Drive Unit Sharing

Furthermore, you can build on SolidCAM’s powerful Mill-Turn capabilities that support Sliding Head (Swiss-Type) Mill-Turn Machines including multi-channel synchronisation.

SolidCAM i Machining - The Jewel in the Crown

SolidCAM’s exclusive and patented iMachining is an intelligent high speed milling technology that creates significantly faster and safe CNC programs to machine mechanical parts with first part success, while maximizing tool life.

  • 70% and more cycle time reduction
  • Drastically extend tool life – upto 5x
  • Full depth cuts – utilise entire cutting face
  • Reduce need for speciality tooling for hard materials

iMachining’s features and algorithms give you unbelievable cycle time savings and unmatched tool life performance while providing you with perfect machining feeds and speeds, the first time, every time.

CAM Questions and Answers

Question – Why Choose SolidCAM?

Answer – SolidCAM is great for any machinist. With a scaleble functionality to meet the demands of simple to the most comprehensive maching needs. Like SOLIDWORKS, its easy to use and easy to learn and fast to get up and running quickly.

Question – Do SOLIDWORKS develop SolidCAM?

Answer – No – SolidCAM is Gold partner product for SOLIDWORKS offering industry leading CAM capability. Gold Partner product means that SolidCAM directly integrated into the SOLIDWORKS User interface – So you are using one interface – Not swapping into a different application.

Furthermore, it uses the same SOLIDWORKS geometry – so there is no translation – And a change in design will reflect in any maching operations.

Question – Why do you recommend SolidCAM?

Answer – Because it is proven to deliver a great return on investment. We work directly with SolidCAM UK to recommend the right SolidCAM software solution, tailored with the right training and the correctly written post processor to work with your Machine Tools

Question  – What SolidCAM product is right for me?

Answer – We will need to understand your existing setup, products your manufacture and machine tools that you are using or are intending to use. Manufacturing is a critical link in the produict development chain so we need to get things right.

Question – Do I need SOLIDWORKS to use SolidCAM?

Answer – Yes – SolidCAM is an add on application that is underpinned by SOLIDWORKS.

Question – What is SolidCAM i Machining?

Answer – Its the jewel in the SolidCAM crown. I Machining is a patented intelligent high speed milling technology that creates faster  CNC programs to machine mechanical parts with first part success, while maximizing tool life.

Question – Can I see some example videos?

Absolutely – There are lots of great example cutting videos (Opens in new tab) CLICK HERE

Need more proof?

Come and see us at the SOLIDCAM Technical centres