SOLIDWORKS Electrical Connected Design

If the mechanical design is the bones of your product, the electrical system is the blood supply. Without a well-designed, validated and optimised electrical system, no mechatronic product would ever leave the factory

Electrical Packages

SOLIDWORKS Electrical allows design professionals to swiftly outline the electrical connections within intricate electrical systems using the user-friendly design tools provided by SOLIDWORKS Electrical. By making use of intelligent single line or conventional multi-line schematics, along with an extensive collection of electrical schematic symbols and components, it becomes possible to create embedded electrical system designs in a collaborative, real-time, multi-user setting. This environment seamlessly brings mechanical and electrical engineering together.

Electrical Schematic Professional

Electrical Schematic Professional offers a collaborative suite of user-friendly tools aimed at swiftly developing schematics for embedded electrical systems.

Key features include:

  • Intelligent Schematic & Multi Line Diagram tools
  • PLC Creation tool
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Automatic BOM Creation
  • Automatic Terminal Strip Drawings
  • 2D Cabinet Layouts


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional includes comprehensive part and symbol libraries, along with access to a the Manufacturer part portal powered by Traceparts. Collaborative features encourage seamless teamwork among design teams.

Designed specifically for equipment and product development, Electrical Schematic Professional provides an ideal environment for designing embedded electrical systems.

Electrical 3D

Using the output from Electrical Schematic Professional design in your SOLIDWORKS model allows you to bring the 2D schematic to life in 3D with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D. Fully integrated into your SOLIDWORKS CAD License.

Key features include:

  • 3D Projects driven from Schematic output
  • Automated routing of electrical cabling
  • Cable & wire length calculations
  • Understand duct filling ratios
  • Clash and interference detection
  • Bi-directional link with Electrical Schematic project

Achieve seamless integration between electrical schematic data and SOLIDWORKS 3D models in real-time, allowing for two-way communication. SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D allows you to fully define the 3D electrical system inside your mechanical model, without the guess work.

Electrical Professional

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional combines the electrical schematic capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D with the 3D modelling features of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, all within a single, robust, and user-friendly package.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional is optimally designed for users who are involved in both electrical and mechanical design integration, offering an ideal solution for their needs all managed from a single serial number.

Feature Comparison Guide

Product FeatureSchematic ProfessionalElectrical 3DElectrical Professional
Single/Multi/Mixed Schematics
2D Cabinet Creation
Electrical Component and Symbol Library
Design re-use
Automated Terminal Drawing Creation
Automated Contact Cross-Referencing
Advanced Formula Manager
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal
Enhanced SOLIDWORKS PDM Connector
Report Generator
Customised Report Generator
PLC Tools
Dynamic Connector Tools
Real Time Collaboration
Deferred Update Mode
Custom Part Library Classifications
Excel Automation
User Rights Management
Common ECAD and MCAD Database
Real-time Syncronisation
Electrical Harness Design Planning
Embedded Electrical System Design Planning
3D Electrical Cabinet Design
3D Electrical Component Library



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