SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Intuitive and capable CFD

Completely integrated within SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation empowers you to replicate the movement of liquids and gases under real-world circumstances

Flow Simulation Packages

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation empowers you to explore hypothetical scenarios and thoroughly assess the influence of fluid flow, heat transfer, and associated forces, both internally and externally, on your designs and their respective environments.

Flow Simulation

Fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS, Flow Simulation allows you to explore the behaviour of liquids and gases in real-world conditions right within your design environment. The intuitive interface empowers you to perform complex simulations with ease. Included is:

  • Internal & external fluid flow trajectories (gases & liquids)
  • Mass & volume flow conditions
  • Velocity plots
  • Pressure change
  • Thermal transfer
  • Goal based or time dependant studies

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation also includes advanced functionality for Rotating Regions and Particulate Studies. Once your simulation is complete, the results are easily interrogated and can be displayed in eye catching cut plots & animations for use in presentations. A comprehensive CFD report can also be generated with the automatic report builder, for anyone that needs to dig into the detail.

Flow Simulation - HVAC Module

For those designing heating, ventilation & cooling systems, the HVAC module has you covered. Added into Flow Simulation, the HVAC module will enable you to design and assess the complex airflow and thermal dynamics of buildings and enclosed spaces. Functionality includes:

  • Airflow analysis
  • Thermal Comfort assessment
  • Ventilation studies
  • Energy efficiency
  • Indoor air quality

Whether you’re an architect, mechanical engineer, or HVAC specialist, this module empowers you to create environments that prioritise comfort, safety and efficiency.

Flow Simulation - Electronics Cooling Module

Electronics are the beating heart of modern technology, but they generate heat that demands efficient cooling solutions. The Electronic Cooling Module in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation will ensure you achieve the optimal thermal performance of electronic components and devices. Functionality includes:

  • Heat dissipation analysis
  • Heat sink design
  • Fan & blower optimisation
  • Thermal Stress Evaluation
  • Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re crafting cutting-edge gadgets or intricate circuitry, this module equips you with the tools to manage heat effectively.

Feature Comparison Guide


Product FeatureFlow SimulationHVAC ModuleElectronics Cooling Module
Multi-Parameter Optimisation
Materials Database
Internal/External Flow
Heat Conduction in Solids
Porous Components
Results Visualisation and Reporting
Two-phase (Fluid and Particles) Flows
Rotating Regions
Free Surface
Mixing Flows
Non Newtonian Fluids
Noise Prediction (Steady State and Transient)
HVAC Conditions
Tracer Study
Comfort Parameters
Heat Pipes
Thermal Joints
Two-resistor Components
Printed Circuit Boards
Thermoelectric Coolers



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