SOLIDWORKS Plastics - From Part to Tool to Process

Anticipate and prevent manufacturing imperfections in plastic parts, optimise mould tool designs and reduce the need for expensive revisions

Plastics Simulation Packages

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation streamlines the plastic part design and injection moulding process by providing valuable insights into how materials behave during manufacturing. This helps manufacturers and engineers make informed decisions, reduce prototyping costs, and produce high-quality plastic components.

Plastics Standard

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard, which seamlessly integrates with SOLIDWORKS CAD, offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to analyse and refine part designs simultaneously while optimising for form, fit, and function. Including functionality for:

  • Comprehensive and calibrated material libraries
  • Auto & custom meshing
  • Simulate cavity fill with temperature & pressure plots
  • Fill time & ease of fill
  • Air traps & short shots
  • Visual defects – weld lines & sink marks

Cooling time plots and the required clamping force can also be shown. Once your simulation is complete, the results are easily interrogated and can be displayed in eye catching animations for use in presentations. A comprehensive report can also be generated with the automatic report builder, for anyone that needs to dig into the detail. All of which helps you to guarantee the manufacturability of parts during the design phase.

Plastics Professional

Expanding on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard, this tool delves into the analysis of mould designs. Swiftly assess both single-cavity and multi-cavity moulds, as well as family mould configurations. The additional functionality includes:

  • Packing phase
  • Runner balancing
  • Sprues & Runners
  • Multi-cavity & family moulds
  • Mould inserts
  • Density at end of pack & shrinkage

Plastics Professional is geared towards the mould tool designer, offering capabilities that go beyond basic part fill and appearance analysis, with workflows to optimise the tooling set up and configuration for multi part tools.  This allows for the estimation of cycle times and the fine-tuning of feed system designs.

Plastics Premium

Building on Professional, Plastics Premium incorporates advanced simulation capabilities for evaluating mould cooling channel configurations and assessing part warpage. By optimising cooling channel layouts, it both reduces cycle times and lowers manufacturing expenses. Main Features:

  • Cooling Lines
  • Baffles & Bubblers
  • Conformal cooling channels
  • Mould temperature at cooling end
  • Residual part stress & warpage

Geared towards the CAE analyst, this versatile tool enables the examination and optimisation of parts and assemblies of diverse complexities, with a focus on enhancing cooling systems and reducing cycle times.

Feature Comparison Guide


Product FeaturePlastics StandardPlastics ProfessionalPlastics Premium
Filling Phase (1st Stage Injection)
Materials Database
Instantaneous Fill Time Plot
Sink Mark Analysis
Fill Time Plot
Ease of Fill Plot
Pressure at End of Fill
Flow Front Temperature
Temperature at End of Fill
Shear Rate
Cooling Time
Weld Lines
Air Traps
Sink Marks
Frozen Layer Fraction at End of Fill
Clamp Force
Cycle Time
Results Advisor
Symmetry Analysis
Packing Analysis (3nd Stage Injection)
Runner Balancing
Runner Design Wizard
Sprues and Runners
Hot and Cold Runners
Multi-cavity Molds
Family Molds
Mold Inserts
Volumetric Shrinkage
Density at End of Pack
Exports STL, Nastran and Mechanical Properties
Cooling Lines
Baffles and Bubblers
Conformal Cooling Channels
Runner Domain Category
Sink Mark Profiles
Mold Temperature at Cooling End
Displacement Due to Residual Stress



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