SOLIDWORKS Visualize Rendering for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a powerful rendering software designed to transform 3D CAD models into stunning photorealistic images and animations

Rendering Packages

In the world of product design and marketing, conveying the true essence and intricacies of a product can be challenging. This is where SOLIDWORKS Visualize steps in, addressing the problem of visual communication by allowing designers and marketers to create lifelike visuals that bridge the gap between digital designs and real-world products.

Visualize Standard

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is included as part of the subscription for any SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license, as well as being available for purchase separately. Key features include:

  • Standalone install – not locked to CAD license
  • Multi CAD format support
  • Automatic updates from CAD file
  • AI driven denoiser – 10x faster rendering
  • Advanced material library with customisation
  • Advance texture mapping

It packs a serious punch allowing a user to leverage the cores of the GPU (accelerated GPU rendering) rather than just the CPU, so rendering can be done live and in real-time, as you make changes to the material or set up. Feedback is instant! Visualize Standard enables users to showcase products in their best light, aiding in better decision-making, marketing strategies, and collaboration among design teams and customers.

You can also install Visualize as a standalone product on a different machine to SOLIDWORKS, giving you the ulitmate in flexibility.  This allows users outside of the design department to be invloved in the rendering process, meaning you’re not waiting for a CAD machine and staff member to be available – Marketing can create their own renderings.

Visualize Professional

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional builds upon the capabilities of Visualize Standard, offering an enhanced suite of tools tailored to meet the demands of advanced rendering and the creation of intelligent animations and VR visualisation.

Additional features include:

  • Import SOLIDWORKS Animations & Motion Studies
  • Create Animation from Scratch
  • Configurations
  • Custom lighting, VR and 360 panoramic ouputs
  • Physics Engine – add a natural touch
  • Video Decals and Vehicle Driving Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional also helps you to maximise your throughput with a Render Queue, allowing you to stack jobs to be comleted sequentially without oversight. Visualize Boost is also included which allows you to offload processing of renders to other machines on your network.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional is the ultimate solution for those seeking to elevate their product communication with advanced rendering, interactive experiences, and detailed animations.

Visualize Examples


Transparency Image


Car in-motion


Aircraft Interior


Consumer Products


Mountain Bike


Motorcycle Clutch

Feature Comparison Guide


Product FeatureVisualize StandardVisualize Professional
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Accelerated Rendering
Hybrid Render Mode
Physically-Based Raytracing
Intuitive User Interface
CAD and Graphic File Support
CAD Live-Update
Surface/Part Splitter
Interactive Depth of Field
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Denoiser
Advanced Material Support with NVIDIA MDL and PBR
XR Exporter for AR/VR Experiences
Import SOLIDWORKS Animations and Motion Studies
Full Animation Suite
Animation Ribbon
Visualize Boost Support
PowerBoost Real-time Network Rendering
Browser-based Interactive Image and Panoramic Outputs
Customizable Photographic Camera Filters
Integrated Render Queue
New Area Light and Light Placement
Create VR Content
Integrated Physics Engine
Vehicle Driving Simulator
Video Decals
IES Light Profiles


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