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Whether you’re trying to get the most life out of your product, optimise costs & material savings, or to understand critical areas of performance, there really is no better way to uncover the answers than digital simulation

Simulation Packages

SOLIDWORKS Simulation, tailored for engineers, offers accessibility and effectiveness without requiring extensive FEA knowledge. Its intuitive interface and workflows empower engineers to optimise product performance through informed design decisions, eliminating the need for FEA expertise.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

Fully integrated into your SOLIDWORKS CAD license, Simulation Standard provides comprehensive FEA capabilities to validate and optimise your designs. Standard features include:

  • Comprehensive and calibrated material libraries
  • Flexible loading and fixtures set up
  • Custom mesh refinement
  • Linear static part & assembly simulation
  • Motion Simulation
  • High cycle metal fatigue simulation

Once your simulation is complete, the results are easily interrogated and can be displayed in eye catching animations for use in presentations. Trend Tracker helps you detect trends in results from different iterations of a static study. Results are presented in a manner that compares a baseline to subsequent iterations. A comprehensive structural report can also be generated with the automatic report builder, for anyone that needs to dig into the detail. Easy to set up, execute and review, there is no quicker and more accurate way to gain valuable product performance insight.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

Building on Simulation Standard, Simulation Professional features a wider array of tools for more complex and specialised Simulation scenarios. The additional functionality includes:

  • Buckling analysis
  • Drop test analysis
  • Frequency analysis
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Event Based Motion analysis
  • Structural Thermal Analysis

SOLIDWORKS Professional  also includes study types for Topology Optimisation along with speed boosting studies utilising Submodelling and 2d simplification. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional allows you to go beyond the ability of testing a product for its intended use and allows engineers to run “what if” scenarios, mitigating problems arising from external factors or product misuse.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Our flagship desktop simulation package is Simulation Premium. Including everything in Standard & Professional, Simulation Premium is built to tackle the most complex scenarios. The additional functionality added by Premium includes:

  • Non-linear Static Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Random Vibration analysis
  • Harmonic Studies
  • Composite Material Simulation

Simulation Premium is perfect for industries where precision meets complexity, such as aerospace, automotive, medical and advanced manufacturing.

Feature Comparison Guide


Product FeatureSimulation StandardSimulation ProfessionalSimulation Premium
Automatic Meshing
Interactions and Connectors
Loads and Constraints
Stress Hot Spot Diagnostics
Static Simulation – Assemblies
Simulation motion
Design Studies
Trend Tracker
Auto conversion of Toolbox Fasteners to Bolts
Design Optimisation
Load Case Manager
Topology Studies
Event-Based Motion
Drop Test
Pressure Vessel Design
2D Simplification
Linear Dynamic



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