Improve Technical Communications with Composer, Inspection and MBD

SOLIDWORKS Technical Communications software can greatly assist you in effectively presenting intricate data for technical and user documentation, sales materials and presentations, as well as inspection and manufacturing purposes

Technical Communications Packages

Composer, MBD and Inspectionempower you to create product communications during the initial design stages in tandem with the SOLIDWORKS design team. This streamlines the creation process, maintains its relevance through updates, and ensures timely delivery. These user-friendly packages capitalise on your existing SOLIDWORKS design data, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.


SOLIDWORKS Composer automates updates, empowers non-experts, enhances clarity with 3D visuals and speeds up manual creation for faster product releases. The main features of SOLIDWORKS Composer include:

  • Multi CAD format support
  • Interactive assembly manual creations
  • High quality rendering and animations
  • Updates driven from CAD models
  • SVG and HTML outputs for web hosting
  • Customisable & Interactive BOMS

SOLIDWORKS Composer addresses the challenges of traditional instruction manual creation by providing a dynamic platform that streamlines updates, enhances understanding, and empowers non-experts to create accurate, visually appealing, and interactive documentation.


Manually generating First Article Inspection reports can be a very time consuming, error prone and laborious task. Ballooning dimensions, capturing tolerances, and generating reports absorbs valuable time that are often prone to error. Let SOLIDWORKS Inspection lighten the load.

Functionality includes:

  • Support for PDF, TIFF, DXF, DWG & SOLIDWORKS Drawing files
  • Optical Character Recognition for automatic data extraction
  • Automatic ballooning
  • Automatic creation of inspection reports
  • CMM & digital calliper measurement import
  • Automatic colour grading of results

SOLIDWORKS Inspection can halve the time taken to produce these documents and remove the risk of manual error. Elevate your quality control standards with SOLIDWORKS Inspection and set a new benchmark for excellence and accuracy.


If your company is moving towards a paperless manufacturing process, then you need a model-based definition approach, or MBD for short. SOLIDWORKS MBD streamlines the process of creating, organising, and sharing product manufacturing information (PMI) directly within 3D models. Features include:

  • 3D PMI and 3D annotations
  • Customisable templates
  • Automated Ballooning
  • 3D publisher (PDF or eDrawings)
  • Compliance with ISO & ASME industry standards

Rather than relying solely on 2D drawings to communicate design and manufacturing information, SOLIDWORKS MBD allows users to embed this information directly into the 3D model itself. By incorporating PMI directly into the 3D model, SOLIDWORKS MBD enhances collaboration, reduces errors, and accelerates the design-to-manufacturing process.

Feature Comparison Guide


Composer Features
Multi-CAD Support
Parametric link to CAD
Assembly Manuals
Maintenace Processes
Online Spares Catalogues
Animation Outputs
Raster Image Output
Vector Image Output
Video Ouput
Interactive 3D Ouput
Customise BOMs
Automation Tools


Inspection FeaturesStdPro
PDF/TIFF File Support
DXF/DWG File Support
SWx Drawing File Support
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Auto Ballooning
Custom Inspection Reports
Drawing Comparisons
Quality Sampling Plans
CSV & XML Export
PDM Integration
Inspection Reports
SWx Part/Assembly Support
2D/3D CAD File Support
CMM & Digital Caliper Import
Graphic Pass/Fail Feedback


Model Based Definition

MBD Features
Intelligent Dimensioning (DimXpert)
Intelligent Display Ouput when Rotating
3D View Capture
Display States
Section Views
3D Model Break Views
3D Radial Explodes
Publish to eDrawings
Publish to 3D PDF
Output to Templates
Template Customisation

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